Friday, February 5, 2010

Zipline Videos!



  1. OMG, OMG< OMG.....woohoo, woohoo, woohoo
    Holy Christmas! waaaaaaah.

    Way to go ladies....this is just incredible. Funniest thing is you saying JUMP??????

    You can tell you are triathletes!
    Love you both,

  2. Kate, I am assuming you were shooting the video while you were zipping?? Unlike Caitlin's where she was gliding along we got some great leg and foot shots. But fantastic audio which was missing from Caitlin's. It was great hearing your voices and your candid reaction to the entire experience. Miss u guys so much. Be safe and enjoy. This trip is definitely one you will never forget.
    love u both,
    mamma m (aka the woman)

  3. i went ziplining in punta cana and it was so much fun! meaghan did not have so much fun, she just closed her eyes and winced until it was over.

    last night laura, manda and i thought it would be a good idea to see dear john before the snow hit. we came out and had like 3 inches on our cars! i drove home on unplowed roads...not a smart idea! but we def missed you girls and cant wait to have you home!

  4. Omg! I love "JUMP?!?!?!" Hysterical!