Friday, February 19, 2010

This is a jam for all the fellas...

Ok people it is 1:40am here in the M to the alaysia as Bridget likes to call it. We have had quite the day. We are here at the Swiss Garden Hotel and Spa courtesy of Mrs. Daria Yanez and family!! Google it people-its nice!! We got here around 2pm and were in the pool by 3. Our room is so nice- it has hardwood floors, a balcony, separate sink and shower area and the best water pressure yet. We are ready to make this our home base for the next week!

Ok so we had a nice day laying out by the infinity pool complete with its own waterfall. Then we headed back up to the room, showered and did some school work then gussied up for dinner. Unfortunately the resort was celebrating Chinese New Year still and all of the menus are fixed priced and weren’t appealing to us so we decided room service pizza and contraband liquor was a delightful dinner for two girls in dresses with earrings and mascara- we made an effort people!!

So there might have been more liquor than pizza which would explain the rest of the night. The one bar here was advertising a band called the Rock Angels and we thought it would be fun to check them out. So after a few drinks and a few games of Guess the Lyrics on the Ipod (we studied the lyrics to Bust a Move- hence the title) we headed to the bar. When we walked into the bar the band was on stage singing some Lady Gaga hits and we were surprised to find everyone sitting quietly listening like they were in a lecture hall or something. That is not our nature. We sat down, ordered some gin and tonics (which were 16MR- the same price as a plain soda) and started dancing in our seats. After a few songs the trio of singers realized what kind of girls we were and pulled us up on stage to sing and dance with them. Throughout their sets they kept pulling us up onstage to dance or having us sign along with them (we butchered Kelly Clarkson but redeemed ourselves with Nsync) and by the end of the night we had created our own fan base at the resort (people came over to say goodnight to us before they left) and we had earned our own spot in the Rock Angels group. The girls are here every night except Monday and are going to learn Whitesnake for us!! They really love us!!

So we had worked up quite a sweat after our fourth set with the band and decided a dip in the pool would be nice. Not to let a closed pool deter us we jumped right in. It was very refreshing!!

WE will post pics of the resort tomorrow, but here are a few of our midnight swim!


  1. You two looked really pretty. Sounds like you had a good evening and have built up a fan base. One question, they actually heard you sing??? Must be your fun loving personalities that drew in the crowds!! Love how the sign did not deter you from cooling off. Does look like you had fun.
    Enjoy your week of luxury.
    love u guys,

  2. Hey ladies....Kate, lovin those ringlets. You look like you are living large and enjoying life. Savor these next few days of luxury. The blog is wonderful, I feel like I'm there with you.

    Love and miss you both,


  3. Well now, who else could say they were in show business for a night, might turn into a gig.
    Make sure they pay you well.. The pool is beautiful, funny I can't read what that sign said either. Must be a miss print. Love to all AP

  4. The Kates, just checked out the Swiss Hotel and WOH what a place make me a res. Check out the foot treatment in the bowl I hope there are no fish in it. It is a beautiful place enjoy. The hell with the backpacks stay where you are. AP

  5. I'm cracking up that you were on stage dancing and singing. Crazy Kates!

  6. Hey ladies.... miss you both!!! Hope you enjoy your use of regular electricity... use it wisely.

    Love you,


  7. looking good ladies! beautiful as always!

    miss you!



  8. i just got your postcard...i was so surprised to get another one!! woo hoo! i especially loved my title of "#1 blog follower!" thank you girls, you made my day (again!)

    update from me: basketball is over on saturday. thank god. i won a lot of gift certificates so when you get back i will be decked out in accessories. whoa, can't write anymore...the highlight of my day is here: back to back friends episodes!! yes, im cool!

    much love!