Wednesday, February 17, 2010

KL Rooftop

Soo we did a video blog...we are having some uploading difficultly with the first (a crib tour of our sweet suite) but here is the second-a tour of the rooftop skyline from our hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Blogs on KL to follow.


  1. so good to hear your voices.....

    take care and stay safe

    Love ya both!

  2. I agree, good hearing your voices and seeing you guys. You look good. The skyline was impressive. Was that a pool in the bar?
    love u guys and miss you.

  3. Cool... very cool.. and a big laugh at the $5 outrage, especially considering what you paid the taxi drivers ripping you off only a few weeks ago. Last posts underwater pics were great too.

    Enjoy life and your adventure!

  4. The tower buildings were in a movie called The Thomas Crown Affair with pierce bronson. What a great building. Well it looks like economy backpacking has taken a back seat or rooms are cheap BUT 5 DOLLAR DRINKS what are they thinking...... Love your video keep them coming. Love Ya AP

  5. Loved your video blog. You guys look great. Happy Friendsaversery too. The underwater pics were terrific, unbelievably clear. Take care, Daria

  6. excellent video blog ladies!

    youre officially in a real city! with cars and everything!

    i believe hostesses for a travel channel series may be in your futures!