Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Final Countdown,,,

Wow…we can’t believe this it is the end of February already. We are spending the week at a hotel given to us by Mrs. Yanez as a part of her timeshare. When Adrianna approached us with the offer from her mom, the idea of a hotel seemed lovely and we scheduled it near the end of our trip--forever away. Well….here we are at the time share. While it feels like we have been away from home for just days and months at the same time, we cannot wrap our brains around the fact that we are almost finished with our trip. It really is crazy.
While we know we have done and seen so much that we only dreamed of for so long…it hasn’t set in yet. Even as we were zip lining, temple climbing and evading Thai immigration officials we were always so focused on our next task, next city, next country that our adventures have never really been absorbed. Sure elephant riding is cool but when you start worrying about where you are going to sleep that night sets in two seconds after you dismount…you never really take in the “how cool was that?!” factor. We are starting to process it all now.
Even as recently as the bungalow de cockroach…this timeshare hotel seemed so so far away. And now that we are here we realize that there are only three weeks left…one country and a city state, three hotels and backpack transfers, only one more beach town…its crazy people. While it is hard to wrap our brains around what we have done…it might be harder to think that we are almost home.
In honor of our more than half way there blog we have decided to play a game to see who has been paying attention…the first correct answers mean gifts friends…so be sure to comment your answers. (Have we mentioned how much we love comments yet?? Annnddd tonight if our night off from our bar gig and that we might be a little bored waiting for our live Olympic feed on ESPN Asia to start at 2AM??)
Question 1) Guess the destination
This stop (It will be our first in Indonesia) is a popular tourist destination on the Western side of Indonesia…we might see some tangs here and activities include trekking and tubing. It is 78 km north of Medan and is famous for a tangs rehab center that is still recovering from a flood in 2003…where in the world are Kate and Caitlin?? (automatic 2 point reduction if you don’t sing that to the Carmen SanDiego theme.)

Question 2) Guess the Kate
Which Kate gets the most frustrated on long bus rides and the overall South East Asian attitude towards time and transport efficiency?? (A moto and 100 lbs of Bananas on a private express bus?? Sure why not?)

Question 3) Guess the Country
This country’s primary mode of transportation was tuk tuks. Many children and babies. Hollywood connections. Our excursions brought us to ancient worship sights, sea life, and to bustling markets. The currency here begins with an R but USD are the main currency…even dispensed in ATM’s.

Question 4) Guess the Kate.
Which Kate is always wondering what time is it at all hours of the day and night?? (Do clocks offend people here or something???)

Question 5) Where are we??
Please correctly identify which country the Kates appear to be in.

Double Gift Bonus Question::
How many different hotel rooms have we slept in since January 5th?? Closest answer wins..(we might have to really think about this one ourselves)



  1. Kates...
    I have so loved reading along with your journeys and the kids love seeing the pictures of you. The question "Why is Cate there?" came up 500 times and I made something up each and every time. Just told Brian about the cockroaches and he is right; I wouldn't have survived a minute. It made me cry just reading your story, as I can't even stand the sight of an ant or god forbid,a stink bug! Enjoy your last 2 weeks. Cannot wait to see you, Cate..no worries about working when you get back, we are fighting for your time:). Safe travels...The Donahue Clan
    PS..I cannot embarass myself by attempting the geography questions...Embarassingly, I still have trouble with the US map:)...XO

  2. 1) Stumped.
    2) Who is Caitlin?
    3) What is Viet Nam?
    4) Who is Cuwwy?
    5) What is Cambodia?
    6) Approximately 1? If you only consider actual hotels, and not creepy far eastern "equivalents"?

    Do I get credit if a) definitely already reading it in Carmen San Deigo theme, b) I responded jeopardy style, and c) i answered first???

  3. hey ladies!

    so glad to hear you are enjoying all the modern convienences provided to you by Aunt Daria. by modern convienences, i mean the off the wall stuff, like electricity, and hot water, and all those other strange things that hotels provide!

    enjoy your last few weeks ladies, and make yourselves some more memories that you will keep with you forever.

    i cant wait for you to get home!!



    p.s. kate, thank you so much for calling! it was really good to hear your voice... untill you hung up on me!

    p.s.s. caitlin, thanks again for your help. you rock!! i suppose i could splurge for a few Bombay Saphires and tonics during dinner. thank you!

  4. 1. Singapore (is that even in Indonesia
    2. Caitlin
    3. Cambodia
    4. "Bug"
    5. Vietnam
    6. I agree with LA

    I can't believe LA was first!!!! She doesn't post for days...then BAM...what's that all about????

    How long before we know the correct answers? Take care, stay safe remember we all love and miss you both.


  5. So girls as much as you have had difficulty processing all that you have seen and experienced. I have difficulty for different reasons processing all the incredible stories, photos, and descriptive sagas that you both have experienced over these weeks. I keep thinking I need slowly reread everything you have written to absorb it all your incredible experiences. And I actually want to.

    But to answer your questions correctly I would have to pour over your sagas right now. So because the clock is ticking (like the clock reference) and the length of your blog, I will attempt a few questions poorly ,I admit and on the fly.

    Caitlin hates busses, Kate is obsessed with the time. The photo with u guys behind the wall is in Cambodia. Hotels 2, I kind of cheated on that one and i'm not even sure that was the exact question. Poor attempt I know.

    The boys and i can't wait to see u. Matt wants to have a party with u and Curry. But then again when doesn't Matt want to party?

    Love u both,

  6. Can you believe I didn't know which kate was which in your quiz. You would think that after our bus trip from Barcelona to Madrid/Toledo (the one we thought would take 4ish hours and ended up taking something like 9 hours) I would know who has a problem with buses and who has a problem with time! As for hotels, if your counting bungalows, my guess is 28. Miss you! and I'm glad your enjoying the timeshare.

  7. Sumatra - assuming we're talking the Man of the Forest 'tang and not the Dory of Finding Nemo type. The National Forest near Buket Lawang (sp?) to be more precise

    Cate - cause Kate would say "sure, why not" with a different tone than implied


    Kate -

    Damn... I'd have to go through your posts or copy off someone else. Given your aquarium shenanigans, I'm going to say the Philadelphia Art Museum Far East Room in good old USA. =)

    Define "hotel" and "slept" versus "hole in wall" and "passed out". I'm going to dust off my 20 sided die --no wait, only need the 6 sided one here-- and go with a guess of two.

    I do get the credit for CS tune... any bonus points for having the theme for Phineas and Ferb running through my head before that? "There's a hundred and four days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it..."

    I'll leave this anonymous so you have something to ponder yourselves. How well do you know your followers????

  8. Fun to do a quiz - and it's too hard for me. :) xo

  9. wow I can't believe I am not even ready for this one!!! But I am back and paying closer attention, so another would be nice!!

  10. Ok... well I'm away this weekend and of course you ladies but up a damn 'quiz' which will take time away from skiing.

    Right now it's snowing and I'm in this adorable B&B- All the slopes are open so you ladies will have to wait for my answers. OR you could just assume that I am always right and I certainly am the winner. I prefer that :)

    Stay safe and hope you are still having a great time. And take the time to enjoy yourselves and really cherish the journey you are on.

    Much Love,