Monday, March 15, 2010

Some more pics from Indonesia

We like to think of ourselves as young Annie Leibovitzs...however computer techies we are not, sorry about the odd placements but here are pictures from Indonesia.

The picture above is the room service bell at our hotel in Amed. The one below is our view. It was lovely...there were lots of bugs.

above and below-shots around Gili Air

Above is the Gili's and
the HUGE lizard we saw.

Then we have momma and baby monkeys in the Scared Monkey Forest in Ubud.
Far right are some kids playing on Gili Air.

Below is Caitlin's amazing shot of a butterfly in Ubud. And a monkey in Ubud-look at those hands!

A temple and volcano on Bali. It was a white out in fog when we got to the volcano spot and slowly a volcano and lake cool!


  1. AMAZING!!! I can't wait to see the rest of your pictures. I'm curious, how many pictures did you take?

  2. I agree with Adrianna. She said it all. These pictures sneaked under the top blog entry. I not even sure why i was looking other than to see there were new comments. Can't wait till tomorrow and to hear of and see the pictures of your travels over the next few weeks i imagine.
    love u

  3. Is this the end or will we get one final blog.
    I will miss this Blog and can't wait for the next trip you ladies take. Love to both AP