Monday, March 15, 2010

And the winner is...

Results from the quiz:
1. Bukit Lawang tho we did not make it there becasue of time and budget contraints.
Our "anonymous" poster was the only one who got this correct- but they have stumped us on thier identity!!
2. Caitlin gets extrememly frustrated with the complete chaos that is Southeast Asian transportation
I think everyone got this one right!
3. The country described was Cambodia. We loved everything about this country- the abundance of babies and USD, drinks named after Angelina Jolie, the Rock and Roll tuk-tuk and lots of ancient temples!
Winners: Mama Curry, Anonymous
4. Kate is always concerned with what time it is- unfortunately her $9 Cambodian watch is not too dependable!!
Everyone got this one right too!
5. This picture was taken at Angkor Thom in Cambodia- note the cheap rip-off shades!!
Winners: Lee Ann, Mama Miz
Double Gift Bonus Question-
You people read into this one too much- or maybe we worded it wrong. We simply wanted to ask how many different hotel rooms/beds we had slept in.
As we sit here in our last hotel room we can count 33 different rooms we have stayed in. 33 rooms in 70 days!!!
Adrianna comes the closest on this one!!

Thanks for playing and sorry it took us to long to post answers- wifi doesnt come easy over here!!!


  1. not sure if it really means much... but i'm the first!!!!!!!!

  2. Honestly, I ran out of things to say after the last entry. Looking forward to seeing you girls!
    love u and see u soon!
    mom and boys

  3. Ladies will we get one final blog to end this story ??? I sure hope so. and Ialso can't wait
    for your next adventure.... Enjoyed reading this blog I am going to miss checking it daily. Thanks so much for sharing AP