Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Confessions of a Procrastinator (Kate’s packing story)

Well my friends, it seems if my faithful travelling companion has had her packing finalized and IN the backpack for a bit now!! My belongings have spent the better part of three days thrown about the room in various stages of packed, unpacked, and packing. (After reading Caitlin’s post I was inspired to removed the denim skirt and the extra shirts.) We have struggled with what to bring on this adventure…like Caitlin mentioned -- our past travels there may have been some overpack-age and inappropriate outfits. (Swiss Alps...those ballet flats were so cute though!! Red with a bow! And there might have been a time on the beach it Italy with no swim suits.)

Pack light and travel happy is our motto this trip! Easier said than done. The reality is that every item must be carried on our back. Up and down stairs, in and out of taxis, on the bus, off the bus, and many, many lost wanderings. It is easy to get cranky with you are over-packed! However -T minus 10 hours and I think I am packed appropriately. I will leave soon to pick up Caitlin and then we will head to JFK. 10 hours to Anchorage, Alaska. 11 more to Taipei, Taiwan. And then 3.5 more to Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam. Hot Damn! You would think we were going to the other side of the world or something. Finger crossed for patience and empty seats!

Talk to you all in ‘Nam! We are SO excited to share our adventure with all you good people!


  1. have a safe flight pretty lady!

  2. Just returned home from dropping you both off at JFK - you should be boarding as we speak!!
    Have fun, travel safe and make wonderful memories. Love to you both


  3. Hey Kate,
    Just got into the blog today. Sounds like great fun. Not for me, but you go girl.